Industrial Culture is rising a new old flag of the 70ties, which based on provocations („Shock the people a little bit and the showly see to us„, The Klinik) to hold a mirror to society! All releases are made for an elitist group of people („Industrial music for industrial people“, Monte Cazazza), who love this way of life – Industrial!

YES, we’re interested in demos for a new cd-r series! Please contact us for further information here: headquarter [@] industrial-culture [dot] com


IXC-MC-0001: Gnawed/ RxAxPxE – Split (MC, 2012) – SOLD OUT
IXC-MC-0002: Josef Nadek – Zerfressn (MC, 2012)
IXC-MC-0004: WYRM – THE FATES (MC, 2013)
IXC-MC-0003: KamiKuma – Oil tank (MC, 2013)
IXC-MC-0005: M.A.O. – Citizen Gain (MC, 2013)
IXC-MC-0006: L.C.B. – Aesthetics Of A Good Pornographer (MC, 2013)
IXC-MC-0007: DBPIT & XxeNa – IHSV (In Hoc Signo Vinces) (MC, 2013)

IXC-CD-R-0001: Tassilo Kaminsky/ Kommissar Hjuler – Split (Pro-CD-R, 2012)

IXC-CD-0001: Svart1: Satanische Helden

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