KAMIKUMA – Oil tank

IMG_0397„“Oil tank“ fuses concrete and electronic sounds in compositions, based on a test recording session at Cisternen on Svanö, Sweden, together with Björn Eriksson and Daniel Wedin. It started as an exploration of a unique acoustic space of the old oil cistern, filled with rusty metal and dust and inspiring screaming and making noises that hang in the air for about 20 seconds. The total lack of intention in what we were doing- playing toys, moving around junk, just having fun communicating spontaneously in that big, dark tin can – resulted in the material I could sculpt into musical shapes on electronic carcasses.“KAMIKUMAOil tank“ – between experimental noise, musique concréte and avantgarde music cassette release (white sound carrier (C-20) 6 tracks 25 copies) by Gothenburg, Sweden based artist KAMIKUMA on Industrial Culture!

Price: 5 |Shipping Germany: 2€ | Rest of the world: 4 €